Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Oriental Spice- The Chinese restaurant

Oriental Spice is a savior for all Chinese food lovers residing in Thane. Located in the middle of the city we walked upto the small wooden door to satisfy our Chinese food craving. Specially cause we had an overdose of Indian food the previous day. Uncle's birthday party celebration lunch at Mantraa and a dinner party at home wherein we ordered food from Borivali Biryani Center ( both the food reviews to follow ) This mystifying dragon greets you at the entrance adding a Chinese flavor to the ambience.

Dragon at the entrance
Its a small place with few tables so you need to plan on an early lunch/dinner to avoid killing time waiting outside. Also, parking is an issue which needs to be sorted since there's no valet parking or space available. We chose the round table in the center cause we were five of us though I really liked the tables by the glass windows at the side. They are the smaller ones. Since we had back to back lunch and dinner parties the day before, we chose to eat light and were not particularly hungry either. Five spice roast chicken is what I decided to start with. This place does serve delicious soups but we went without it this time. Five spice chicken roast is not too spicy and a bit tangy. Garnished with spring onions it looked quite appetizing. While savoring this delicious decent sized portion for a starter, I looked forward to order the main course. Here's a yumsum picture for you.

Five Spice Roast Chicken
Our family Chinese meal is incomplete without Hakka noodles on our table. The noodles and Hunan chicken made a wonderful, scrumptious meal. Hunan chicken was spicy like it is supposed to be with a deep colour and fresh aroma. Waiting for our food, which was not for long by the way this curious Chinese painting intrigued me.

Chinese hair !
We also ended up ordering the Mongolian rice along with the noodles and gravy. I don't really remember this dish well which means it was nothing unique. Mongolian rice was cooked in gravy so it does not require any accompaniment. This dish was more like a filler for us.

Hakka noodles and Hunan Chicken
Mongolian Rice
Happy and filled we decided to end with something sweet. Sizzling brownie was the obvious choice. One cause somebody sitting right across had ordered it and we gave in to the hot chocolate melting on the icecream and two cause the choice among desserts was limited. This served as a perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

Sizzling Brownie!
Food wise Oriental Spice is amazing and service not too bad. The waiters were not well versed with the dishes so don't bother to take any recommendations. Also, we had to remind them to get us the salads and the napkins/tissues. Maybe it was the good mood or the food that these things did not put me off that day. The Chef did a fab job and the waiters can definitely do better. Thumbs up for Oriental Spice!


  1. I did not find this good for that price point. I am hopeful about the [forgot the name but remember the location] place on Pokharan Road 2, near Lokapuram

  2. Guess you are referring to China Bistro. Will review that soon. Also, there is tenzo temple next to BBQ Nation. Have you tried that?

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