Sunday, 31 March 2013

Jai Hind Lunch Home- Bandra

March end- Yup. Taxes paid. 
Month end- Yup. Bills paid.
Week end - Yup. Craving for seafood

In a situation like this, you must head to Jai Hind Lunch Home. Light on your pocket and pleasing to your palate, this is the right place. Located at Pali Hill, Bandra, opposite Janta Bar this small eatery is famous for its Malvani/Konkani style dishes. My suggestion would be to stick to these and avoid North Indian or other cuisines on the menu. 

Fish tales
They got the fish right

I ordered for the fish thali and the wait wasn't long. This thali consisted of fried fish of your choice, gravy, sol kadi, 3 chapatis and a bowl of steamed rice. My choice of fish was Surmai and Bangda for the thali. The fish was fresh and well cooked. It was fried with a perfect coating of masala and without any excess oil. Sol kadi deserves a special mention. It was delicious and a perfect accompaniment with fried fish. As for the taste, they got it all right. This simple thali has a home food feel to it. I like. What I'd love is if they could serve the food warmer. Infact, the neighbouring table was served cold neer dosas which were promptly replaced with warmer ones on complaining. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my thali and here's a picture for you.

Surmai Thali

Must haves on the table

Bangda Thali
And just like the waiter there who forgot to get me the butter garlic fried prawns, I forgot to mention them earlier here. This was the starter I had asked for but which never made it to my table. There was some confusion when the order was placed and I kept reminding them throughout and finally cancelled the order as I was almost finishing the thali.

Also, we ordered for the egg biryani which was good. A large bowl of rice with two boiled eggs, the serving is perfect for two. Not too oily or spicy, this was well made. And if you think the chicken/mutton biryani will be too heavy after the thali then the egg biryani served with raita is a good option.

Egg Biryani

Complete value for money, this no frills restaurant is definitely a place which all sea food lovers must try. A meal for 2 costs approx INR 500. Don't forget to carry cash as they DO NOT accept CARDS. I will be visiting Jai Hind Lunch Home again, needless to say, for the fish thali and also to try their Chicken/Mutton dishes. Let me know your reviews incase you already have. Till then, happy eating and reading!


  1. Your post reminds me of the Fish fry's--> deliciousssssss !!!! & solkadi indeed is very much perfect at this joint.. the fish thali is totally paisa vasool ! one dissapointment however prevails.. u were in jai hind- pali hill ??? exactly 10 mtrs away & failed to give me a shout !.. how sad can that be!:0

  2. It was on a weekend yaa! We shall meet soon for the long due treat... :)



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