Sunday, 3 March 2013

Masalazone- Bandra

Last week I visited the Masalazone for a quick lunch on a working day. Located in a quiet lane opposite Leelavati hostipal near Bandra reclamation this restaurant is known for North Indian cuisine. So you walk in and handover your car keys for valet parking and choose between the air conditioned section or dining al fresco. 

We gravitated towards the later cause most of the time we are sitting indoors everywhere and also the decor seemed interesting. The fencing is done with clay pots and you have a small bar and a screen on one side. I had been here earlier for a cricket match screening on this very screen during the world cup. Don't really remember eating though amidst all the cheering and screaming. The seating is spacious and the tables are spread out. Though I wish it was more comfortable and the colours brighter. The names on the menu were interesting. We started off with a drink- Shikanjvi to sip on as we decided what to order. The ginger flavour was sharp and the drink a bit too sweet. It was a hot afternoon though and any chilled drink is refreshing so I sipped on anyway. Looks better than it tastes- here's a glass for you.

With masala papad to munch on, the veg starters ordered were Karara Palak Chat and Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka. Karara Palak Chat is an interestingly named dish wherein palak leaves are deep fried and topped with curd and sev to give the chat effect. I preferred the Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka over this starter though. The paneer was soft and with a hint of basil and garlic the flavours came out well. 

Karara Palak Chat and Basil Garlic Paneer Tikka

The non-veg starter of choice was the Lemon Chicken. The reason I decided to go for it was the name. The Lemon Chicken at Urban Tadka, which is to die for is one of my favourite starter. But this dish was no where close. The chicken was soggy and the lemon flavour was lost in the spices used. The dish could have tasted so much better with simple lemon flavour and well cooked chicken.

Lemon Chicken

The quantity of the food is decent and by the time we had finished the starters we were half full. Amritsari paneer and Dal Tadkewali accompanied with tandoori roti was ordered for the main course. North Indian style Amritsari Paneer was delicious and Tadkewali Dal was like it should be, warm and comforting. The waiter's recommended Murg Kurchan for a spicy chicken dish. It was chicken cooked with long and sleek tomato slices and ginger shavings. This dish could definitely do with some great spices. It was sort of bland and not what we expected when we had specifically asked for a spicy dish.

Amritsari Paneer
Dal Tadkewali
Murg Kurchaan

I recommend the air conditioned section after experiencing the outside dining area. The flies give you company throughout and the area doesn't appear very clean. They do have some music playing in the background but it drowns in the sound of the standing fans. The waiters definitely need to brush up on the dishes on the menu, not fill the finger bowl with cold water and upgrade the quality of service provided in general. The food and the experience of dining here was just about average. This meal for five was for approx INR 2500. Give it a try if you like North Indian food, though nothing to miss if you don't. 


  1. Keep up the good work, Pallavi! nicely done!

  2. Thank you! Glad you liked it.

  3. Ankush khanzode4 March 2013 at 06:50

    Nice one Pahlavi!! shall cheerfully try this I'm In bandra only now!

  4. Thank you! :) Andheri to Bandra again?

  5. haha yes, after all we r mobile.. what can u say

  6. Extend your mobility to Thane! Some awesome food places are here...

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