Sunday, 17 March 2013

Poptates- The Unrestaurant

For the lack of better options nearby, me and my bestie decided to go and hangout at Poptates- Koram mall Thane on a saturday evening. The waiting time was 45 mins for a table for 2 when we walked in at 7 PM. Incase you are planning to drop in there over the weekend, that's the buffer time you need to consider. Also, happy hours end at 7:27 PM, so now you do your math. We decided to sit out in the open on the terrace. It was nice and breezy with the lighting just perfect. The music however did not add any charm to the ambience.

At Koram Mall Thane
Pictures and music
Al fresco sitting and lights
We ordered Bruschetta and Pepper blasted spicy fish to begin with. Bruschetta is grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with tomato and cheese. This dish is best enjoyed if finished within 15 minutes after it hits your table. The bread gets all soggy and stretchy later. Don't procrastinate with this one. Among the appetizers my favorite at poptates have always been pepper wine chicken and blasted chicken. Pepper blasted spicy fish was what I tried for the first time. The preparation was made with Basa fish. The fish itself was soft, fresh and well cooked. And that's about it. The pepper flavour was missing and had it not been for the fish pieces I would have easily mistaken it for chilly chicken. The name is interesting but misleading and the dish plain boring.

Pepper Blasted Spicy Fish
Poptates has this inside dining area as well but I totally recommend the terrace sitting  for the evenings. They now have beer towers too. Something I have always associated with Leopold Cafe. So you can have your draught beer poured into the glass from this.

Beer tower
To be filled

Happy hours here are not for the cocktails. And though the beer glass read what it does in the picture below you have to make sure the temperature is right. The waiters couldn't care less and were even about to serve beer from bottles which had been standing out since almost an hour. Poor service alert I say.

Just saying
Pasta was ordered for the main course. The choice of pasta and sauce is left to you. So we went in for fusilli with white sauce and chicken. Creamy and delicious, stop counting the calories and enjoy the cheese only for this dish.

We also ordered a shot of Baileys Coffee Liqueur to sip on. Pour it on some crushed ice and enjoy the flavour. The conversation, company and the ambience made this evening perfect. 

Baileys Coffee 
Savour this
Poptates Koram Mall is great for its sitting arrangement and ambience. As for the quality of food, I would rate the other outlets above this one. The quality of service is not too great either. We were attended by a new waiter who was probably new to the hospitality industry as well. Poptates needs to definitely train their staff before putting them on the job. A meal for 2 costs approx 1500. Fun place to hangout with your friends. Have a good time but don't expect much from the food.

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