Sunday, 6 October 2013

Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra- Molecular Gastronomy Delight!

Our friday evening was one hell of a flavor riot! Thanks to Food Bloggers Association of India for inviting us to the restaurant preview of Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra at BKC. This is a sui generis restaurant built on the concept of Molecular Gastronomy which is a blend of food science and art. Chef Varun Saini and Saurabh Udinia have done a wonderful job with this experimental cuisine. 

Molecular Gastronomy Delight!
Recipes are picked from the length and breadth of the country and served differently. Like the yogurt chaat shot! Have a bite of papadi and a shot of yogurt ball topped with sev that bursts in your mouth releasing all the street chaat flavors. 

Yogurt Chaat Shot!
Prawn Balchao is a goan delicacy which happens to be Mr Kalra's favourite, was absolutely scrumptious. A second helping of this one and yet it left me wanting for more. Egg burji stuffed in the kulcha was so delicious that I will not complain about the dish being greasy.

Prawn Balchao and Anda Burji Kulcha
Dig into the maska buns and feel them melt on your tongue. This one makes you forget all about your diet plans and you willingly do so.

Maska Buns!
Boti kebab on warqi paratha and kadhai paneer tart served as bite sized portions taste as good as they look. Take a dekko.

Boti Kebab on Warqi Paratha
Kadhai Paneer Tart

Chicken tikka, which is commonly served with salad and chutney was presented in a closed jar with the chicken pieces on a wood stick. The aroma captures your senses as you open the jar and enjoy the delicious wood flavoured chicken!

Chicken Tikka

The vegetarians must try the Sarson ka Saag Quesadilla and the bite sized Chole Kulche. Delicious and different!

Sarson ka Saag Quesadilla

Chole Kulche

And now for the desserts! Interestingly presented, though a bit too sweet for my taste. We asked for the top three desserts and this is what we got. Jalebi Caviar which is jalebi served on rabdi with pistachio dust and saffron foam. Mishti Doi Lollipops and my favourite the Ghevar Cheescake. 

Jalebi Caviar and Ghevar Cheesecake

Mishti Doi Lollipops!

Fine dining experience with a difference is how I would sum it up. Will Zorawar Kalra's baby Masala Library turn out to be India's first Michelin Star restaurant?  We will have to wait and watch. 

Ground Floor, First International Finance Centre,
Bandra Kurla Complex, Opposite Sofitel Hotel
Phone: 022 6642 4142

Massive Restaurants coming up with- "Made in Punjab" (Casual Diner) and "Mithai (Signature gourmet brand)

Pictures by Gaurav Dharkar


  1. This is truly awsome post Pallavi !! Keep it up !! Great Going !!!

    I simply love the way its all been presented.. Fantastic !! Ahh and the dish Prawn Balchao seems to be way too interesting .. It was my first attention grab'er !!

  2. The meal itself need not be an elaborate dish either as caviar should never be upstaged as part a larger meal. Black Caviar in Dubai



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