Sunday, 18 May 2014

A day at Siesta!

" Near some place where there is vineyard
Sipping wine sitting on a swing in the backyard.
Watching the sun rays fall on the lush green
I wondered if it was a dream!"

~ Inspired by Siesta- A beautiful farm house which is a personification of its very name.

Swing with the wind
Evening rays

My favorite shade of green

We were invited for a day out at Siesta by the gracious hosts- Bagwe's. The weather was perfect that day and we set out for a walk around the farm. Admiring the various shades of green and clicking pictures with sunflowers, a size bigger than our faces we played around until Mr Bagwe offered us the welcome drink. It was honey in its purest form to be sucked straight from the flower! Now that was an experience from another world. 

Around the farm
As we sipped on our Cachaça, specially made for us by the host himself, I couldn't help but appreciate the art around me. The place is so tastefully done, it speaks volumes about its owners. Here are a few pieces which caught my attention. There were many more which interested me but then there was more of Cachaça too which did not help in clicking :)

Arty Pot

Tribe and bells

Wild Wood
Munching on fresh crunchy salad and delicious roasted chicken, I realized the feast had only begun when Shaila led us to the dining table overlooking the farm. The food was amazing and the view spectacular. We took that as our excuse and stuffed ourselves silly :) Mrs Bagwe is a fabulous cook. I am sure going to get the recipe from her of the Maratha Mutton curry which was simply awesome.

The table with a view

Shaila's special- Maratha Mutton Curry

And then there was some dessert served with ice cream. Yes, there is always space for dessert.  :)

Homemade Dark Chocolate Cake

The people, the food and the place- it was a gorgeous day! 

Healthy takeaway goodies!

Pictures by Gaurav Dharkar

A special thanks to Rajendra and Shaila Bagwe for inviting us over at Siesta.

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