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Foods That Induce Love

It started with Adam and Eve biting into an apple. The fruit was blamed for what happened next and labeled forbidden as a warning. But the desire for the “sweet sin” was so intense that mankind chose to dig deeper.

The warning was obviously ignored and thus began the search for fuel to keep the fire alive. Food that induced desire was labelled after the Greek goddess of love- Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs have definitely aroused curiosity, if not the buried desire, in everybody. How about setting up a lovely candlelight dinner this Valentine’s, complete with aphrodisiac food on the menu? Here’s some help with essential ingredients.

Chomp on Almonds

Chomp on Almonds
Traditionally, in India, almonds soaked in water overnight are consumed for improving the memory. However, this yummy chomp also helps arouse passion. Munch them raw, roast or powder and sprinkle on your dishes! Make a choice to reap the benefits.

Give me some honey

Give me some honey
Loaded with fast acting instant sugar, a spoonful is enough to pep you up. So much so that the big night- Honeymoon is named after this sweetener. Add some to your food and sweeten your love life.

Abundance of Pomegranates

Abundance of Pomegranates
Fertility and abundance have been associated with Pomegranates because the fruit is packed with so many seeds. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love is said to have planted the first Pomegranate tree. The fruit is associated with increased sexual desire and helps create the right mood. Pick your wicker basket and fill them with Pomegranates to celebrate the day of love. Yes, love brings good health too.

Dark side of chocolate

Dark side of Chocolates
Chocolates has always been associated with improving the mood. The thought of biting into a bar of rich, dark chocolate is enough to induce desire and craving. Satisfying the craving is left to your imagination. Share a bar of chocolate this Valentine’s. It will leave you wanting for more.

Intense Basil

Intense Basil
Add flavor to your food with Basil, and tons of it. Known to promote blood circulation and cure headaches, basil is the solution you were looking for. Intensify your dinner dish and the evening thereafter by mixing this secret ingredient in your food.

Cleopatra's favorite - Figs

Favourite Figs
When it is Cleopatra’s favorite fruit, no questions are asked. Rumored to be so, figs have been a symbol of fertility in many cultures. Packed with antioxidants, potassium and fiber the fruit is packed with goodies. Erotic fruits over fruit flavored things? Yes please!

Luscious Strawberries

Luscious Strawberries
This heart shaped fruit with a beautiful colour and sweet flavor, indeed looks its part as we list it among foods for love. Sharing it over a seductive meal would be an ideal starter for a great evening. Since ancient times, it is believed that strawberries hold mysterious powers. Go figure and validate the belief this Valentine’s.


Ancient wisdom on love- Asparagus
The Kamasutra vouches for the aphrodisiac qualities of Asparagus by advising to drink it as a paste. Excess Ammonia in the body can lead to sexual disinterest and fatigue. The aspartic acid found in Asparagus helps in neutralizing this excess ammonia. No wonder the French are known to have three meals of asparagus before their wedding. Now that’s called an intense preparation.

While the right food does get you in the mood, do not ignore the importance of the right ambience. Make sure your dinner table looks pretty, complete with flowers and candles. Leave the dishes on the table for a while and enjoy the aroma while arousing the desire to eat. Food and sex must offer a sensual massage before satisfying the craving. Hope this food for mood sets the right tone for a great evening on Valentine’s Day. Have a lovely one!

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