Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Love Leh! Ladakh travelogue and travel tips!

A few years ago I travelled to Leh-Ladakh and it remains my most cherished trip till date. If beauty and wonder had to be made into something tangible, it would be this - the landscape of Ladakh. Gorgeous and surreal! Watch the video for a glimpse :)

And if you haven't been to Ladakh yet, plan soonest!  Sharing a few travel tips here:

#1 Don't skip acclimatization! Make no travel plans on day 1 and spend time getting used to the high altitude.

#2 Carry medicines to deal with altitude sickness. Sniffing Camphor helped us :)

#3 Stock up on snacks and other utility essentials. It's difficult to find shops on these vast stretches of beautiful barren land.

#4 Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must! The sunlight is very bright and can be harsh on the skin and eyes.

#5 Weather changes in the blink of an eye. Pack in woolens,scarves, jackets and other layering stuff. Basically, things which will help you protect your skin from the sun and also keep you warm when it gets chilly. 

I would love to hear about your travel experiences and tips. Do leave a comment below. See you soon xo!


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