Saturday, 4 July 2015

Marie Biscuit Pudding- Dessert in a minute!

Marie Biscuit Pudding can be made in under a minute and is oh-so-yummy! And had I not mentioned that the pudding is made of Marie Biscuits, it would be difficult to guess. 

Watch the video here-

You will need the following- 

Marie Biscuits
Fresh cream
Coffee powder + warm water
Grated Chocolate 
Drinking chocolate + warm water
What next?

- Take a shallow glass container to make the pudding.

- Start with pouring some cream and drinking chocolate mixture on the base.

- Dip Marie biscuits in warm coffee water mixture and arrange on it.

- Make sure to fill all the gaps between the round biscuits with biscuit pieces.

- Pour drinking chocolate on top of this layer to cover the biscuits layer.

- Form another layer of biscuits.

- Pour cream on top to cover the biscuits layer.

- Keep forming alternate layers of drinking chocolate, biscuits and cream. Repeat and form as many layers as you like. The more, the merrier!

- Make a layer of cream, as the topmost layer and sprinkle with magic. I mean grated chocolate of course!

- Add sugar as per your taste while mixing drinking chocolate and water. It should be thick enough to form a layer and thin enough to be poured easily while doing it. 

- Set it aside in the fridge for 4 hours.

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