Friday, 11 March 2016


This trip which we took to Rome in October 2015, brings that happy-memory smile with a mere mention. The three days spent there are precious because they got me appreciate beauty, art, food, wine and more like I never did before. Rome has so much to offer in terms of all those things that it is difficult to absorb all that beauty. I must confess, that at some point in time I even felt guilty to be subjected to so much grandeur in terms of infrastructure and pleasure by way of intense flavors of gelatos, the best pastas ever and wine to accompany all meals. Rome makes you feel comfortable with the idea of pleasure, of doing things simply because you enjoy it or simply doing nothing at other times. And that feeling has stayed. Slowly becoming a need. A necessity to do things for myself. Like sipping morning chai watching the hummingbird hard at work, building its nest, right outside my kitchen window everyday morning or having a glass of wine and reading a novel on a weekday evening or cooking my favorite dish on a weekend noon with a deliberate pace, enjoying the process.

And while I was there, we shot a few videos and compiled them in this two part Rome video series. Enjoy watching :)

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