Friday, 21 April 2017

Goa therapy!

And I vouch for the fact that Goa therapy always works! The laid back vibes of Goa are hard to find anywhere else. No wonder this place is on my annual "to do" list. We took off to Goa in the first week of April. And of course it was hot and sunny but who cares! It was a relaxing trip as always. The 4 days went by so quickly. Just like a dreamy blur. Sharing some food pictures from my camera roll. Enjoy viewing!

Picture blog-

Default lunch- Prawn curry rice!

Roast chicken!


First of the four portions devoured during a meal

Patent stuff- Cafreal!

Beautiful bacon ;)

Butter garlic prawns- the best!

Can never have enough- Banana pancake!

Cafreal masala is the best!

Calamari love love love!

Goan fish curry!

Bacon on the beach!

Beer break!

Sizzling Rechadeo fish!

More prawns please!


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